After a finish in second place last year in the Danish Supertourisme series (DST) Frederik Nymark is working hard to outrace his competitors to reach the top position at the podium come fall. In the opening race of the season at Padborg Park Frederik’s rivals could only see the back end of his racer as he won first place that weekend.
The car has received an upgrade – read more about the car here.

This year Frederik is really reaching across the borders of his homeland Denmark, as he besides racing in the Danish Supertourisme also will be racing in Germany for BMW on the Nürburgring. Here he will also get to test the BMW G3.


When the 2016-season of the new Danish Supertourisme-series hit the green light for the first race of the year, it was quite obvious for most that Frederik was planning on leaving his rivals behind. With repeated victories on the tracks of the series Frederik managed to earn a spot on the podium. He won second place in the championship while the great competitor Michel Nykjær managed to win.

Frederiks second place in the championship in 2016 was more than many had dreamed of for the young racer as the season started. The start of the season was influenced by the absence of team boss Flemming Nymark, who was hit by a medical issue. Even though it was quite the blow to Frederik, it wasn’t enough to run him off the track – instead he made his father proud by winning several races during the championship.

It wasn’t just in Denmark Frederik was making notable results. The young racer did very well abroad as well, getting pole position and a win in the final on Rudskogen in Norway as well as finishing second and fourth in 24-hour races in England and Dubai respectively.

2016 was also the year Frederik struck a partnership with Michael Outzen to be his personal coach and manager – Outzen is no stranger to the game as he won the first series of DST in 2015.


The first year of Danish Supertourisme was in 2015, and Frederik made the swith to this series because he would get the opportunity to make his mark against some of the big Danish motorsports stars like Michel Nykjær, Henrik Lundgaard, Kurt Thiim and Michael Outzen.

With several heat victories and pole positions it was mission accomplished as to getting himself noted in Danish motorsports for the just 20-year old motorsports star. Even though he took his shot on the track managing to get some wins along the way the series ended with a modest fourth place finish in the championship – at least modest for Frederiks standards.

Frederik Nymark also had an appearance abroad in a 24-hor race in Barcelona.


For Frederik Nymark the 2014 season consisted of different series in Denmark along with a number of races abroad. At home Frederik raced in the Danish Endurance Championship and the Legends Cup for the last time before the switch to Danish Supertourisme in 2015.

When all was said, and done, Frederik ended fourth in the Legends Cup after enduring technical issues and accidents on the track in 2014.

Frederik had put the pedal to the metal when he won an impressive second place in his class at the 24-hour race in Dubai. When he in April had a race on the North Loop of the Nürburgring in Germany he was the fastest on the team, which earned a fourth-place finish in the four-hour race there. At the Euro Legends Cup Frederik won a third-place finish in 2014 and Frederik also managed to drive in the Langstreckenpokal at Nürburgring.


The 2013-season was just the second professional season of Frederik Nymarks career in motorsports. With good results from the 2012-season and more confidence Frederik again raced to several victories in the Legends Cup-races at Padborg Park, Classic Race Aarhus, Ring Djursland and Jyllandsringen.

As a result of the outstanding results in the Legends Cup of 2012 and excellent driving overall Frederik was even crowned club champion in his club Aarhus Automobil Sport (AAS) – the youngest ever to receive that honor. 2013 gave Frederik many victories in front of the big stars on the track which also gave Frederik a place on the podium in the Legends Cup championship with a third-place finish for the season.


In 2012 Frederik had his debut in the Legends Car Cup, where he despite his young age gave fits for the big names on the track – among others Jason Watt, whom Frederik beat on several occasions. 2012 was the year Frederik really made a name for himself in the motorsports world and underlined his immense talent.

Besides leaving a familiar name like Jason Watt behind he managed to overtake experienced racers such as Kenneth Jensen and Ole Madsen, who had to step down from the podium to make room for Frederik who won the last race of the season at Padborg Park, which netted him a fifth-place finish for the season in the Legends Cup.


In the years 2009 to 2011 Frederik returned to the four-wheeled motocross. Even though it’s hard to compare this to Supertourisme and GT-cars , Frederik mastered this vehicle as well and through the year it amounted to several good finishes and results – one of which was a second-place finish at the Danish Championships.


From the age of 7 to the age of 13 Frederik Nymark drove the go-kart and won 4 club championships.


When Frederik was 3-4 years old he took the first small steps towards a career in racing. This is when he started driving the go-kart to the best of his ability. At the age of 4 he traded in the go-kart for a 4-wheel motocross machine.


Frederik Nymark was born in 1995 and is therefore just 21 years old today. His mother, Linda Nymark, and his father, Flemming Nymark, really got involved in motorsports in the year before the birth of Frederik, where the story of Nymark Racing began.

1994 – Nymark Racing

In 1994 Frederik Nymarks father, Flemming Nymark, and his uncle, Henrik Nymark, founded Nymark Racing. The duo of Flemming and Henrik started racing in the Formula 2000-series together and they won the Formula 2000-championship just the following year in 1995.

As a result of their great success on the racing tracks the team changed their name to Racing Denmark, which ended up being one of the most successful teams in recent years. Together they’ve won several championships in both the Formula 2000 and the Formula Renault.

It was also in Racing Denmark that the only Formula 1-mechanic of Danish nationality, Ole Schack, was trained as a mechanic for the team. Last year the team had 4 cars in the Supertourisme-class. Today the team is made up of 25 voluntary mechanics and crew-members who all fight for victory for the team!

About the car

Frederiks car in the Danish Supertourisme Turbo-series (DST) is a Mitjet built in France, and under the hood lies a Nissan 3,5 liter V6-engine, powering Frederik across the finish lines. The motor generates 330hp, so there’s enough power to drive the 920kg heavy car at a good speed.

The gearbox is sequential to achieve the fast changes of gear during the races, and the front of the car is the KIA-logo, which is often the first to cross the finish line, when Frederik is behind the wheel.

Frederik also has a deal with BMW, that gives him two races in Germany in a GT-car – a 4,4 liter V8 with 520hp.